The engagement engine for brands in messenger communities.

Meet Swell

In just a few months since launching, Swell has helped millions of individuals with tens of millions of votes. For a generation in search of feedback, Swell delivers in a simple, fun interface.

We know brands want feedback too. For brands and agencies, our doors are now open. The unprecedented engagement of our community enables us to offer research quality engagement at rates below other social media ad rates.

Introducing the
Boosted Swell

Designed to give brands the same rush our audience gets as they see votes come in. The difference being boosted Swells are accelerated to get at least 1,000 interactions in 24 hours. Ask once or put together a campaign of questions. Where you take it from there is up to you. If your content is more engaging the total impressions could go as high as 10,000!

  1. Create

    Brands create a boosted Swell at swell.biz with two images and a #question.

  2. Share

    Swell targets across entire Swell network.

  3. 1,000+ opinions

    More engaging Swells can get up to 10,000 responses.

  4. Engage

    Leads to insights and followers.


No two Swell projects look alike. Whether you are testing some ideas around a launch, or allocating significant impression budgets into engagement budgets, our plans are flexible.

Think of them as either one at a time or reloading pre-paid plans.

  • Quick Question

    $399 each
    Pay as you need
    • 1,000+ opinions within 24 hours
    • Complete Analysis
    • Swell library
  • Research Always

    $299 each
    50 Swells
    • 1,000+ opinions within 24 hours
    • Reloads yearly
    • $14,950 billed upfront
    • Includes Swell library
  • Most popular

    A Campaign

    $349 each
    10 Swells
    • 1,000+ opinions within 24 hours
    • Reloads monthly
    • $3,490 billed upfront
    • Includes Swell library