Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Swell?

    A Swell is a question posed to the Swell community using two images and a #question. To join our community to vote on Swells or ask your own, visit our download center for the app or search for Swelly in Facebook Messenger and other platforms. A Swell is active in our feed for three to twentyfour hours and averages about 75 opinions. You can see results start showing almost immediately.

  • What is a Boosted Swell?

    Everyone can create a Swell and share it with the whole Swell community. Swelly for Business business users can also create a boosted Swell that lasts for 24 hours and with 1,000+ responses guaranteed. See opinions in real time and get full analytics in 24 hours. Boosted Swells are available for anyone needing more data points and analysis than a standard Swell. Visit to learn more.

  • Do you pay your audience to answer questions?

    No. No and No! All of us at Swell are thankful the community has organically connected with us. We do not pay our audience. We have a highly engaged community, who loves to share their opinions. If we had to pay, Boosted Swells would be as expensive as all other online research.

  • What type of images can I use when creating a Swell?

    You can use any static image type. We suggest using .jpg or .png. Images with solid or non transparent backgrounds display better. For more information on specifics for creating Swells, visit our Creative Guide.

  • Are there any categories of businesses prohibited by Swell?

    Yes! We value the quality of our user experience and want to create a safe environment for Swellers from 13 years old. Content including or consisting of any nude, partially nude, sexually suggestive, gender-discriminatory or sexist images. Content that contains pornography or racism. Any inappropriate content for teens like alcohol, cigarettes and more. Details see: Swell Terms Section 5. Content.

  • What happens to my Swell after 24 hours?

    Your Swell will be finished and we provide you the basic analytics of your Swell. You can share your own opinion with the Swellers who voted. See who voted, connect with them and start building your Swell community.

  • What type of data will I get about the Swell?

    We provide you the following data:

    • Votes for A or B
    • Engagement Score
    • New followers within the Swell community while your Swell was live.
    • Geographic Analytics
    • Analytics per Age group
    • Gender Analytics
  • How can I share a boosted Swell to my brand's existing audience?

    You can find all your “Live Swells” at “My Swells” → “Live” and here you find for each “Live Swell” a sharing button.

  • Can I share a Swell exclusively with my audience?

    Yes, when you create a Swell, you can select “Privacy”, if you choose “Privacy” = “Private” your Swell will not be shared with our community. After you created your Swell, you can share your Swell via Link wherever you want. Attention: When you choose this option, we can not guarantee 1,000+ opinions, but with this option your Swell can run more than 24 hours and your audience demographics is fully within your control.

  • What is the Swell Library?

    Here you can find selected Swells shared by our community, we provide you with the same data you get with your Swells. The Swell Library is included in “A campaign” and “Research Always” plans, if you have the “Quick Question” plan, you can buy analytics for any individual Swell in the Swell Library.